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Prices and Rates

  • Makeup:

  • Hair Styling :

  • Hair & Makeup

  • Trials :

  • Spray Tanning :

  • Hair Accessories :

  • Beauty Bridal Bags :

  • Private Lessons :

Wedding 291 hour call out fee $ 150

St. Kilda Location $120

2 people: $130pp

3 or more people $110pp

  • Bar lashes: $16  Individual full set $10 
  • Includes airbrush makeup and light individual eyelash application





Wedding 261 person $170

2 people $140

3 people or more $120

MOB & Flower girls: $50-$80

(Depending on style and length)

Short hair styles are an exception and will be charged at a lower rate. 





Bridal Makeup Melbourne1 person $270

2 people $240pp

3 or more $210pp

Blow waves from $60 – $80

Flower Girls & MOB $60-80

  • Prices include airbrush makeup and light individual eyelash application
  • Short hair styles are an exception and will be charged at a lower rate depending on style and length
  • Bar lashes: $16   Individual full set: $10   Hair padding, donuts & rolls: $10 
  • Travel: May apply depending on location and artist availability. 
  • 15% surcharge applies for 6 am starts. 20% holiday surcharge

Makeup $120

Hair $130

If you are happy with to proceed with a trial time, please advise of possible dates via email or feel free to give us a call so we can lock in your special day as we get enquiries daily. 

  • Please be aware that we can’t always guarantee that hair and makeup can be trailed on the same day or location. Subject to availability of the artist and client. 
  • Please bring hair or makeup references if you have a particular style in mind, otherwise, our experienced artist will help you decide on the day of the trial.
  • It’s not necessary for the bridesmaids to have a trial as will go through suggestions at the trial for the girl’s hair and makeup style. They are more than welcome to a trial if requested. 




makeup tattoo$45 1 person




$40 2 people




$35 3 or more

682249699_921Please refer to the gallery on hair accessory page for prices

Bridal Bags $60





$220 for a 2 hour lesson